How to Safely Mount a GoPro on a Motorcycle Helmet for Capturing First-Person View Footage?

April 17, 2024

Capturing the open road can be a thrilling experience, especially when you are on a motorcycle. The feel of the wind against your face, the freedom of the open road, and the exciting views are all part of the riding experience. Capturing these moments to relive later or share with others adds a unique dimension to the ride. The GoPro camera is a popular choice for motorcycle riders because of its compact size, excellent video quality, and ease of use. In this article, we will guide you on how to safely mount a GoPro on a motorcycle helmet to capture the best possible first-person view footage.

Mounting Your GoPro Camera on the Front of the Helmet

Mounting your GoPro camera on the front of your helmet can provide some of the best first-person view footage. The camera will capture everything you see, giving viewers a true representation of your journey. Here’s how to safely and securely mount your GoPro to the front of your helmet.

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Firstly, clean the surface of your helmet with rubbing alcohol to ensure it is free of dirt and grease. This will ensure the adhesive mount sticks properly. Position the mount in the center of your helmet, making sure it is straight. The mount should be forward-facing to ensure the best view. Press the adhesive firmly onto the helmet and let it set for a few hours before attaching the camera.

Attach the GoPro to the mount, making sure it is secure. You can adjust the angle of the camera to get the perfect shot. Be mindful not to obscure your vision or distract you from riding. Remember, safety should always come first.

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Using a Chin Mount for Your GoPro

The chin area of your helmet can provide another great viewpoint for your GoPro camera. This position offers a full, unobstructed view of the ride ahead while minimizing wind resistance. Here’s how to mount your GoPro on the helmet’s chin area.

Firstly, you need to select the right chin mount for your helmet. Some helmets come with a curved chin area while others have a flat surface. Choose a mount that will adhere securely to your helmet’s specific design. Clean the chin area of your helmet with rubbing alcohol before applying the mount.

Apply the adhesive to the mount and position it on the chin area of your helmet. Hold it firmly in place for a few minutes to ensure it adheres properly. Leave it to set for a few hours before attaching your GoPro. Adjust your camera’s angle to get the best footage. Like before, ensure the camera does not obscure your vision or distract you.

The Side Mount Option

Another popular mounting option for GoPro cameras on motorcycle helmets is on the side. This position offers a slightly different perspective and can capture unique footage of your ride. Here’s how to safely mount your GoPro on the side of your helmet.

Choose an adhesive mount that fits the curvature of your helmet. Clean the area where you will be placing the mount with rubbing alcohol. Apply the adhesive and press the mount firmly onto the helmet. Leave it to set for a few hours before attaching your GoPro.

The camera should be positioned so it is facing forward. You may need to adjust the angle slightly to avoid capturing too much of the sky or the ground. Ensure the camera is secure and does not obscure your vision or distract you while riding.

Choosing the Best GoPro Model for Motorcycle Riding

The GoPro brand offers a variety of camera models, each with its unique features. For motorcycle riding, you need a camera that can withstand the elements, provide high-quality footage, and have a reliable battery life.

The GoPro Hero series is a popular choice among motorcycle riders. These cameras offer 4K video resolution, image stabilization, and waterproof capabilities. They also come with a variety of mounting options, making them versatile for different helmet styles.

Another model to consider is the GoPro MAX. This camera offers 360-degree video capture, allowing you to record footage from every angle. The MAX also provides powerful image stabilization, which is crucial for capturing smooth, clear footage while riding.

Picking the right GoPro camera will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Consider the camera’s features, price, and compatibility with your helmet when making your decision.

Ensuring Safety When Using a GoPro on Your Motorcycle Helmet

While capturing footage of your ride can be exciting, it is important to remember that safety should always be the priority. Using a GoPro camera on your helmet should not interfere with your ability to ride safely.

Ensure the camera is securely fastened to your helmet. Loose mounts can cause the camera to fall off while riding, which is a safety risk for you and others on the road. Also, ensure the camera does not obstruct your vision or distract you.

Remember to focus on the road and not the camera while riding. Adjustments to the camera should be made before the ride or when safely stopped.

Riding a motorcycle while capturing footage can make for a truly unique experience. With the right GoPro camera and safe mounting practices, you can share the thrill of the ride with others. Keep safety at the forefront and enjoy the ride. Remember, the journey is always more important than the destination.

The Importance of the Correct Positioning of the GoPro

One of the critical factors in capturing the best first-person view footage is the proper positioning of the GoPro. Whether you opt for a chin mount, front side, or side mount, the camera must be positioned correctly to capture the full essence of your ride.

When you mount GoPro on the front of your motorcycle helmet, ensure it’s facing directly forward to capture the road ahead. If the camera is tilted upwards, you may end up filming more of the sky than the actual road. Conversely, if it’s angled downwards, you might capture more of the bike’s handlebars and less of the surroundings.

In the case of a chin mount, ensure that the GoPro camera is level with the ground. This strategic positioning can offer an unobstructed view of the road and scenery while keeping the camera away from the wind, thus reducing wind noise in your footage.

When opting for a side mount, the camera should be aimed straight ahead. But, bear in mind that side-mounted GoPros might capture a part of your helmet in the frame, hence slightly obstructing the view.

Regardless of where you mount the camera on your helmet, you need to maintain your focus on the road for a safe ride. The GoPro should never be a source of distraction. You should adjust all camera setups before the ride or when safely stopped.

Understanding the Different Mounting Options for Your GoPro

There’s a variety of mounting options available for attaching a GoPro camera to a motorcycle helmet. Each offers a unique perspective and can be chosen based on your specific needs and preferences.

A chin mount provides a full view of the road ahead without capturing the helmet in the frame. This option is loved by many motorcycle riders as it offers the closest perspective to what the rider sees.

The front side mount is another popular option. It offers wide-angled footage and is less prone to wind resistance. However, ensure this mount does not interfere with the helmet’s ventilation system.

A side mount can capture unique perspectives of the ride. Though the helmet might obstruct part of the view, it gives a unique view of the surroundings.

You can also consider a top mount, although it can be a bit awkward. It offers a higher vantage point, but the video may not be as immersive as the other mounting options.

For all these GoPro mounting options, use the appropriate adhesive mounts that come with the GoPro camera. These are designed to hold the weight of the camera and withstand the wind resistance when riding. Always clean the mounting area with rubbing alcohol and allow the adhesive to set properly before attaching the camera.


Riding a motorcycle provides an exhilarating experience that is even better when captured on camera. With a GoPro, you can record your rides in high quality and share them with others. But, knowing how to mount a GoPro on a motorcycle helmet safely is crucial not only for capturing the perfect footage but also for ensuring a safe ride.

Whether you prefer a chin mount, front side, or a side mount, each offers a unique perspective of your ride. Always remember that the camera should be level and face forward to capture the best footage. Safety should also be prioritized so the GoPro camera should not be a source of distraction.

With your GoPro camera securely mounted on your helmet, you’re ready to ride and capture every moment of your motorcycle adventure. Enjoy the ride, and remember – the journey is always more important than the destination.